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Enter a truly immersive world of discovery with family-friendly educational experiences for ocean explorers.

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Powered by your smartphone

Dive into an immersive world of exploration and discovery. Swim with humpback whales and sharks; get up close with polar bears; learn about the impact of pollution in the deep sea, and much more.

Your immersive mega pack comes complete with VR Goggles, download the Let’s Explore app to your compatible smartphone and grab the Holographic Explorer Cube; your journey of underwater exploration is about to begin.


Explore, learn and discover as if you were there

You will want to come back to the experiences time after time, showing friends and family the amazing wonders of their new virtual reality world. In doing so the ability to both learn and retain information is taken to new levels, with many experts claiming ‘immersive learning’ to be the future.

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Holgraphic Explorer Cube

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Betty Stark

Verified Customer

“I loved the whales, I couldn’t believe how big they were. The baby calf whale was so cute.”

Katy Parker

Verified Customer

“We bought our grandchild, Poppy, the Let’s Explore Oceans box for her birthday. She hasn’t put it down since we bought it, taking great pride to educate us all in the wonders of the ocean. The pollution facts were very good – she reminds us regularly.”

Jason Cardona

Verified Customer

“I purchased the pack for the kids in my class. As a teacher I wanted to give them a new way of exploring the Oceans. The reaction has been fantastic, they’re now quoting ocean facts to me.”

David Graham

Verified Customer

“Fantastic! Can’t wait for the next one to come out.”

Chad Opperman

Verified Customer

“My favourite was The Mermaids Quest, it taught my kids so much about ocean pollution and the dangers to our planet. The book was fantastic too – great work.”

Janice Gilbert

Verified Customer

“The Let’s Explore Oceans pack is amazing! I actually got to swim with real sharks. I loved it but my gran was very scared.”

Let’s Explore: Oceans

The ultimate underwater immersive adventure

Explore, learn and discover the oceans like never before with 16 amazing VR adventures & thrilling AR experiences powered by your smartphone.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long until I receive my order?
  • What smartphones are compatible with the Let’s Explore app?

    The free downloadable Let’s Explore app required to use your VR/AR Goggles and Holographic Explorer Cube is compatible with nearly all new and most relatively-new Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones. View our full compatibility list here.

    Once you have purchase the Let’s Explore: Oceans immersive mega pack you can download the free Let’s Explore app for compatible Apple smartphones here or for compatible Android smartphones here.

  • What age can children experience virtual reality and augmented reality?

    We recommend children should be 7+ years to use the VR/AR Goggles, and only under adult supervision. Let’s Explore: Oceans content can be experienced in Phone Mode (non-VR) by simply using your smartphones screen.

    If you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain or disorientation, discontinue using the VR/AR Goggles immediately. If you have had or could be prone to seizures, consult a doctor before using the VR/AR Goggles.

  • Can I buy additional/replacement VR/AR Goggles and/or Holographic Explorer Cubes?

    You can purchase both VR/AR Goggles and Holographic Explorer Cubes from our Shop.   

  • Do I need the Let’s Explore: Oceans Holographic Explorer Cube to access all the VR and AR content?

    Yes. To unlock the full slate of VR adventures and AR experiences you will need to purchase the complete Let’s Explore: Oceans immersive mega pack that includes both the app-specific, Holographic Explorer Cube and VR/AR Goggles.

Discover a world of adventure

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